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Our ventrilo information is Feel free to join; being banned on vent will cause you to be banned on the server, and the reverse is also true. Watch your language while in vent, and don't use it to harass other players.

General Information

  • The bunker (where players went when there was a vent attack) is now the members room. Only players with registered accounts are allowed to enter the members room. Members will be given accounts after using vent for an unspecified amount of time - and playing on the server as well.
  • If you wish to be in a private room with your friends without anyone interrupting, simply ask a moderator to move you to one of the Alpha, Beta, or Gamma private rooms. Otherwise use the public rooms. Please avoid using the members room too much - we do not want to isolate new members.
  • Event rooms are for Spiffy's use. If you wish to use these for your own player event, let us know and we will allow teams to use these rooms.


Moderators that are active on vent will be given an account with certain privileges, such as access to the Moderator Room, and the ability to move, kick and ban a player. There are some rules:

  • Contact an admin to check logs for player IP addresses - don't make assumptions.
  • Never use ban unless absolutely necessary. The only people you should be banning are spammers and griefers. Do not ban anyone who is a legit MC^2 player.
  • Do not move players unless they ask to be moved.
  • Do move players who wish to be in a private room together to either Private Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. Do not drag any players other than the ones specified to those rooms.