Build a summer cottage!

Step 1: purchase a minecraft account.

Step 2: run the game, go to multiplayer

IP / server address is:

Step 3: once connected, hit “T” to type. Chat with your friends or type commands.
You can use following commands:

  • /help – lists these commands
  • /rules – short version of our rules
  • /help protect – explains how protections are done
  • /easyprotect – protects your wooden shovel-selected land and sets flags to turn off pvp, creeper explosions
  • /region – additional protection commands (for setting flags, adding friends)

Step 4: pew pew!

Read the rules. Make friends. Join or start towns.

When you use the /easyprotect command, you can still edit it and build inside it. However, enemies cannot attack you and creepers can’t blow up inside the area.

With a hot tub!

Decorate to liking

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