Obviously, minecraft 1.4.2 update is out…

As usual, server (bukkit) updates are somewhat behind minecraft releases. You won’t be able to connect with an upgraded client until a stable bukkit release for 1.4.2 comes out.Β  If you’d like to play on the server, read sigi714′s guide on dealing with MC updates.

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Congrats, sluck! He’s our new CM.

Sluck is our new community manager, that is. He joins the tight crew of several and will start working on our next pyramid-themed rotating spawn, to be enacted next month.

Lastly, we have some love notes you should see.

We’re trying an experiment: teleportation delays are off. Which means, be careful when engaging in combat. Trade at spawn or in known safe places.Β  Spiffyandy is supposed to be working on a /warp trade, so bug him about that.


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Maintenance downtime tonight @ midnight for a few hours

We need to trim some of our databases, and that might take several hours to process. Just FYI!Β  Oh, also help upvote our reddit thread, pretty please?

Edit: we’re back up. All done.

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Inferno Village?

Yeah, I see this being a warp some day. Good job hiimjoeri, nighttrain, slayernotslave and welort.

BTW, I messed up the warp application forum. It’s fixed now, or should be.

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