Serious business.

Guys, don’t be temped by xray and cheating. You will get caught – a matter of time – and you’ll be banned for cheating. Let this example below sink in.

Received this threat from those xraying lowlives, Griptanite and cadre:

From: Griptanite + MilesCS
Subject: Crahing!!!!!!!!

Message Body:
I am Griptanite and I will threaten to crash minecraftsquare forever. There is one was you can stop the crahing from me and MilesCS and that is to unban us and unjail us. Have you looked at the ban list? Its huge!!!!!!! You ban every single person for such stupid mistakes and we do nothing wrong. All my friends are banned or jailed. We will also delete your world data. So we warn you!!!!!!

Griptanite says peace!

So yeah, server’s at risk. Despair, everyone. Despierta todos!

Though seriously, #protip: how about you don’t cheat, and you won’t get banned. That’s how it works.

We gave you a chance after you got caught xraying and you were unbanned, but then you thought we couldn’t track item transactions.Β  So the next time you xrayed, you gave the diamonds to a mule account who was to transfer it elsewhere. You blew your probation period.

Did you really think we wouldn’t be able to trace that? Well, our moderators did. You are getting yourself and especially others banned through your shady actions.

Here are you disingenuous ban appeals:


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Running CraftBukkit 1.4.5-R0.2

We’re running a beta build. Report all bugs please. There will be some.

Known issues:

  • Client displays “Unable to locate sign” debug messages under certain circumstances. This is a Minecraft client change that can’t be fixed by Bukkit.
  • Monsters, villagers, etc. using portals (added in Minecraft 1.4) has been temporarily disabled.


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Getting closer!

This morning, bukkit guys released a 1.4.5 beta build. If everything goes well, we’ll upgrade to it as soon as possible. Traditionally, if no major errors are discovered, releases are stamped with a recommended tag, and we’ll be rolling along.

On that note, I understand that with beacons, people will be tempted more than ever before to x-ray.Β  Don’t do it: we have server logging and moderators who check it. And you’ll be banned for it.

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Happy Halloween!

You can probably guess which one was carved by old man pp.

Anyhow, still waiting for a compatible bukkit update that won’t like… you know, destroy the world.Β  So thanks for being patient.

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