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Starting demacia

Show-off your awesome home/town/skin/texture/art/farm/castle/photographs/distilling plant/rocketship/flying pigs with backpacks. Post pictures, solicit comments. Gain fame.

Re: Starting demacia

Postby hiimjoeri » Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:30 pm

Wreckem wrote:I logged on and my perms are gone to my chests, as well as digging perms

Smooth one

Yes, apparently you took something from Clawcarboy's chests.. He got upset over it.

Also, anyone can dig as the circle is unprotected.
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Its only a game. They can play somewhere else.
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Re: Starting demacia

Postby silhav » Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:42 am

hiimjoeri wrote:Pretty cool aight?



So yesterday Joeri told me he was giving Demacia to me :? because he didn't build anymore. I was shocked at first because I didn't knew what I should do, but I accepted it. I would like to finish Demacia soon and I hope a lot of you guys want to help me with that. I think it would be really bad if Demacia would never be finished because its a very cool project and there are so many hours into it right now. You will also be payed for the things you do the amount depends on the work you do, everything will be payed in iron.
Now in short:

Please put your name under this post if you want to help :roll:
hiimjoeri wrote:One does not simply slip trough sigi714's magic redstone security.
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