Number of you have offered to donate money for server upkeep. I thank you sincerely for the thought; however, I will continue paying for all server costs out of my own pocket.

Please consider donating to United Nations Children’s Fund instead.

Help Promote our Server

If you like the server:

Be honest in your feedback, of course.

11 Responses to Donate-Promote

  1. david haas says:

    Woudt love to donate wen i hafe my money


  2. piefboom says:

    i wated to be mod mayby i can’t give u guys 30 euro than i can be mod no jke but the mod thinggy real i wanna be 1 but i love to donate some money

  3. creeper_sleeper says:

    i have like $40 australian and i would love to donate maybe 10 dollars and also i would like it if you made me op or something :)

    kind regards

    • pp19dd says:

      Once again, we don’t take donations for the server and we don’t sell moderator positions. We urge players to donate money toward a UN fund.

  4. creeper_sleeper says:

    sorry pp i made a mistake

  5. Lordlucas7 says:

    Thinkin of donating about $560 or some to the hospitals dunno which one to Donate too ^^ help me deside

  6. DemonRiderX! says:

    I would love to donate when i am unbanned!

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  8. Mr_Rainbow2011 says:

    hey pp i was wondering if you wanted some advertising on my new website i made.
    email me at [removed] to negotiate a plan. Also i was wondering if mabye there where some rewards for advertising (not op/mod/admin) like some hard-to-get items?