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We’re back!!!

The red-headed league has decided to get the server back up. For those in the know, “Minecraft Square” was shut down, players advised to switch to “The Square Miner,” then 2-3 years later I started a new server called “Baltimore … Continue reading

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Server shutdown

Thanks for playing everyone. At this time, the MC server is shut down. If you want to stay in touch with some of the old regulars, start playing at, which is Stradijeri’s server. More info below. Server name: The … Continue reading

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2013 update

β€œThe Red-Headed League is Dissolved. Oct. 9, 1890.” In case you don’t get the reference, it’s from Sherlock Holmes – from “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”Β  Read it.Β  Anyhow, sorry guys but I’m shutting this minecraft server down. It’s been … Continue reading

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Gold VS Chain!

Thanks to sluck and hiimjoeri for running today’s Gold VS Chain. Winners got some diamonds and zombie heads. Upcoming will be pig races, so tune in.

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