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XRaying is still against the rules

We banned two players today for using xray exploit: TheStrangerJr andΒ MartinHodne. Please don’t cheat. It ruins the game for everyone, and guess what – we can figure it out.

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Three players joined. In several hours, they collectively had 50-ish diamonds. Does that sound right? It didn’t. We log everything on this server and it showed that one of them dug straight down and headed toward only diamonds. Because they … Continue reading

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Using XRay will get you banned.

These four chaps found that out: <- XRay ringleader <- accomplice <- accomplice <- accomplice

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A sense of taste

This morning there was an incident where an admin deleted random floating blocks near spawn. Turns out that was a mistake. Sorry about that, it has been corrected and the blocks restored.

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