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PvP Tournament, Time-lapse video, and more Moderators.

It’s time for a PvP Tournament! This is going to be unlike most, if not all, of the PvP events that we’ve had so far, though it has some elements from Spiffy’s Minecraft Tacticians Guild. The Tournament will consist of … Continue reading

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Minecraft square shutting down. (April fools)

For those who don’t read entire posts or keep up, yes, this was an April Fools’ joke. Due to budget concerns the admins have come to a consensus and have decided to shut down the server for an indefinite amount … Continue reading

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While we wait for updates to settle

See our very own player-organized MineCraft Tactician’s Guild (MCTG) videos, provided by our tireless sheriff spiffyandy. Visit the above forum thread for upcoming events, and participation info. Battle 1: Stacked Like Pancakes VS The Danish Vikings Battle 2: Teforn’s Team … Continue reading

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Happening now: minecraft rodeo event

Bet on brave riders as they saddle their wild pigs and ride them to oblivion. Seriously, first person to die loses. Survivor wins. Go team blue! Also, sometimes it takes like four minutes to die. If the pigs seem to … Continue reading

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