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Warp Map

Note: minecraft square world folder is not located in the Gulf of Guinea. That’s just a lazy coordinate translation from minecraft’s [0,*,0] to latitude 0 and longitude 0. And I didn’t bother with an underlay that hides it.

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New feature: kill search

Voila. See (Added to menu under kill ratios). When reporting rule violations, you can link to this form since it shows coordinates. Les Boulis And, completely unrelated to any of this, I found these weird structures in the desert: … Continue reading

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Haha, someone made Nyan Cat

me me meow memememe meemwmwmwemmmmemememememememmmΒ­eewememwmemwmemwweemwem

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My office is a mobspawner room now

Earlier this week, it was my birthday, and while I was out my colleagues redecorated my office and changed it into a mobspawner room. Apparently I talked about minecraft too much! Or did something right! PS: THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

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