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Gold VS Chain!

Thanks to sluck and hiimjoeri for running today’s Gold VS Chain. Winners got some diamonds and zombie heads. Upcoming will be pig races, so tune in.

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Inferno Village?

Yeah, I see this being a warp some day. Good job hiimjoeri, nighttrain, slayernotslave and welort. BTW, I messed up the warp application forum. It’s fixed now, or should be.

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This is what the mc^2 world looks like

Thought this was neat; just shows a pattern of migration away from spawn.

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Minecraft square shutting down. (April fools)

For those who don’t read entire posts or keep up, yes, this was an April Fools’ joke. Due to budget concerns the admins have come to a consensus and have decided to shut down the server for an indefinite amount … Continue reading

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