About Minecraft Square

(Updated October 2012)

Minecraft Square is a free-build Minecraft survival PVP (player vs player) server community.

This website is integrated with our minecraft server, providing verified minecraft logins, player profiles, user generated content and an ability to self-express beyond the video game.

Moderated Community

Minecraft Square is staffed with helpful moderators.Β  Anyone who is a regular player may apply to become a moderator. Promotions are done fairly by a review panel and rule breaking is dealt with swiftly.Β  Some rules are enforced by software (such as home protections – players cannot be harmed inside their own homes.)

While PVP is on, there are rules to follow. PVP is more of a reflection of the real world – where one’s ability to die by hand of another is equally senseless. Despite such chaos, it’s amazing to see players self-organize and assist each other.

Decent Hardware

Server is a dedicated machine collocated in a major data center, on a multi-homed gigabit connection.Β  Running Linux on an Intel i7-950 (8 cores total) with 8 GB RAM, it provides lag-free play. This server is NOT running virtualization software.

See http://www.minecraftsquare.com/cpuinfo/ for hardware information.

Please use the contact form for any inquiries.

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