We’re back!!!

The red-headed league has decided to get the server back up.

For those in the know, “Minecraft Square” was shut down, players advised to switch to “The Square Miner,” then 2-3 years later I started a new server called “Baltimore Minecraft.”

Then last year The Square Miner shut down and players were advised to switch to Baltimore Minecraft, and here were are today: I am shutting down Baltimore Minecraft and re-opening Minecraft Square.Β  Actually I’m just literally changing the server name, but it sort of feels like being back.

Nothing else changes: the world is still there just the way it is, I’m tinkering with the possibility of importing some of the old worlds from 2013 (probably won’t happen anytime soon), and the spawn changed location.


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3 Responses to We’re back!!!

  1. silhav says:

    Nice to see the good old MC^2 back. Will the forum be back aswell, or are we going to use the reddit for forum purposes?

  2. BaLefireP says:

    Happy to see Mc^2 is back, been missing it.

  3. juicebox004 says:

    SICK!! Can’t wait.