Server shutdown

Thanks for playing everyone. At this time, the MC server is shut down. If you want to stay in touch with some of the old regulars, start playing at, which is Stradijeri’s server. More info below.

Server name: The Square Miner
Forum: SIGN UP!
Connect with:
Version: 1.4.7

Mission: Out of the ashes of ‘Minecraft Square’ arises ‘The Square Miner’! Our mission is to maintain the community of Minecraft Square, while reestablishing the glory of economy/community the server once had.

The catch: As I, stradijeri, cannot support the server on my own, the community must help fund this venture. We will try to raise a stack of money each month ($64). This will cover server costs, and whatever extra we raise will go to a cause of our choosing. The cause will be chosen by a vote before the donation round begins.

Changes: We will bring back events, the moderator roster (and protections by moderators), LWC (chest protections), and even the floating glass disc as spawn.

When will it be ready: A test server may already be running by the the time you read this. We are waiting for hiimjoeri to finish putting together a map, as well as some plugins to update to 1.4.7. We’re trying to get it going for this weekend (Jan 17th), but there is a lot to be ironed out still.

We hope to see you back!

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