Serious business.

Guys, don’t be temped by xray and cheating. You will get caught – a matter of time – and you’ll be banned for cheating. Let this example below sink in.

Received this threat from those xraying lowlives, Griptanite and cadre:

From: Griptanite + MilesCS
Subject: Crahing!!!!!!!!

Message Body:
I am Griptanite and I will threaten to crash minecraftsquare forever. There is one was you can stop the crahing from me and MilesCS and that is to unban us and unjail us. Have you looked at the ban list? Its huge!!!!!!! You ban every single person for such stupid mistakes and we do nothing wrong. All my friends are banned or jailed. We will also delete your world data. So we warn you!!!!!!

Griptanite says peace!

So yeah, server’s at risk. Despair, everyone. Despierta todos!

Though seriously, #protip: how about you don’t cheat, and you won’t get banned. That’s how it works.

We gave you a chance after you got caught xraying and you were unbanned, but then you thought we couldn’t track item transactions.Β  So the next time you xrayed, you gave the diamonds to a mule account who was to transfer it elsewhere. You blew your probation period.

Did you really think we wouldn’t be able to trace that? Well, our moderators did. You are getting yourself and especially others banned through your shady actions.

Here are you disingenuous ban appeals:


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16 Responses to Serious business.

  1. Fusion4 says:

    Good riddance, I say. Nasty kind of folk who make threats when they don’t get what they want. Just like spoiled, bratty children.

    As for deleting world data, there’s a lot of work we all put in what we have, and I imagine that none of us want to lose what we have put so much effort in, but with the number of world changes that have occurred in recent updates, would having to start a new world ultimately be too bad a thing?

  2. silhav says:

    LOL, i guess the serverworld has a backup right? And how are they going to hack somebodys pc :p

  3. beasel20 says:

    Aww. Kids these days, So nice of them :’)

  4. Klam08 says:

    Does this mean they will be banned from the forums as well?

  5. rainyeyes says:

    They do have a point about the huge ban list for the server, but they also contradict that point by claiming that people get banned for every stupid mistake. They were given a second chance, and with that chance, an opportunity for change, reintegration, and rehabilitation. A majority of the people on the ban list have broken rules, were compromised accounts used to break rules, as well as people who were stupid and malicious such as the “death bringers” mentioned in the above mentioned post.

    TL;DR You had your chance to make nice and you blew it, so please, go away.

  6. ian says:

    Lolz friends they are 12 guys dont get ur guards up I bet they couldn’t find ur server and where its hosted even if they tried. also I talked to griptanite in person and pretty much everyone at my school hates square they all say it sucks that they deleted the old world D: everyone is p.o’ed I told them if you crash the server then all my hard work would get deleted but what ever lolz. Some of them already ruined my chance at my first GF. D: I think they should learn to like the new square it was time for a change a while ago and really I have come to like the new server more. -ianpaulcook DAH MASTER TROLL

  7. ian says:

    I agree with fusion a bit too i would like so new variety :P but either way the stuff i have now i would not like to lose

  8. sigi714 says:

    Thanks for sharing this gold, Dino. I had so much fun reading this :)

    Just to sum it up:
    - they have no chance to crash the server
    - they have no chance to delete anything
    - downloading a hacked client doesn’t make you a hacker
    - keeping them and all alt accounts banned was a right decision
    - our ban list is so long because I found about 6.000 accounts with passes and massbanned many before any griefing group could join with them

  9. CLONESSUCK says:

    Well they should first learn how to spell, Then learn about “not taking things too seriously”.

  10. Fire_Ball44 says:

    I wouldn’t mind if the server data fell to the hax. I don’t mind a fresh start every once and a while.

  11. CameronS says:

    If you want to start over then judt go on an adventure, it worked for me and now I have a fantastic Island thanks to sluck.

  12. The_Doc says:

    This is the time where we need a “Like” button on the forum.