Happy Halloween!

You can probably guess which one was carved by old man pp.

Anyhow, still waiting for a compatible bukkit update that won’t like… you know, destroy the world.Β  So thanks for being patient.

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9 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Richard_Fire says:

    You know there is one that works perfectly fine? I tested it out and it works fine? Unless it’s different for a world with more data used.

  2. beasel20 says:

    Better than my pumpkin….. :c

  3. CLONESSUCK says:

    ‘:/ My pumpkin was bought through the internet… Its a battery operated pumpkin with 12 settings and 7 different colors,And…. It will not rot.

  4. CLONESSUCK says:

    But some people want to grief my pumpkins :O