This is what the mc^2 world looks like

Thought this was neat; just shows a pattern of migration away from spawn.

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5 Responses to This is what the mc^2 world looks like

  1. sigi714 says:

    Indeed awesome. Was the map rendering causing the lag? ;)
    It reminds me of this
    which lead me to this: (requires Java in browser^^)

    • pp19dd says:

      Nah. Map render took a split second of server time; rest was done in client-side. This was generated from the regions filenames (since they contain x,z coords.)

  2. Creator13 says:

    Would be nice if there were the directions and something that shows the scale of the map

    • pp19dd says:

      Extremes are hidden, but this visible scale is X range [-110 to 74], Z range [-51 to 62]. Maximum is actually + another 500 for punctuated locations.

      That’s in regions. Each region is 32 x 32 chunks. Each chunk is 16 x 16 blocks.

      In other words, -110 * 32 * 16 to 74 * 32 * 16. [-56,000 to 38,000]
      By -51 * 23 * 16 to 62 * 32 * 16. [-18,000 to 32,000.]

  3. Hiimjoeri says:

    The line on the left must be the negative coords, as I went to 100k boating.

    Line to the right I would think it would be my place.