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Regarding the PvP Tournament

With everyone leaving for their respective vacations, it seems like half of the people who signed up for the PvP Tournament have left the server for at least a couple of weeks. As such, we don’t have enough people to … Continue reading

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PvP Tournament, Time-lapse video, and more Moderators.

It’s time for a PvP Tournament! This is going to be unlike most, if not all, of the PvP events that we’ve had so far, though it has some elements from Spiffy’s Minecraft Tacticians Guild. The Tournament will consist of … Continue reading

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Introducing Moderators & Event announcement.

There will be an event held today, at around 6 PM EST (possibly a bit later or a bit earlier.) It’ll be run by Romeo, and is likely to be an Abandoned Fortress event. We’re officially re-introducing moderators. Moderators will … Continue reading

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