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Nether Rail

I kept forgetting to post this, but here we are: the nether rail is open for business! It goes 2000 blocks in the nether in either direction. You can access it by simply going into the nether portal inside the … Continue reading

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Meridian is now open + more exciting changes

Meridian, the town near spawn has been opened for business. Anyone wishing to protect a house plot or a market plot can now do so. The rules can be found inside the tower. There are a number of amenities available … Continue reading

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1.2 Update & Other Announcements

1.2 is up and running! So far, there seems to be no serious issues, and the world height is now 256; please report any issues in the comments. One important issue: converting the world to 1.2.3 pushed all blocks up … Continue reading

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The Deal

First off, I must once again thank PP19DD for so graciously continuing to host the server for us and for allowing me the chance to mess everything up in new and imaginative ways. Now, down to business. There are going … Continue reading

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