Updated: March 23, 2012

Do not use hacks
Do not modify the client in any way that gives you an unfair advantage, including texture packs. This rule is open for interpretation by the admins. Minimap mods are allowed.
Do not abuse liquids
This includes flooding protected areas with water or lava.
Do not harass players
This includes using language to insult players, and staying in a player’s area after being asked to leave.
Do not bypass protections
Do not use ender pearls, glitches (parkour) to bypass protected walls.
Do not use TNT cannons or lure creepers or ghasts.
Do not abuse protections
Do not use protections to interfere with other players’ protections.
Do not place protections too close to other players.
Do not lure
Traps are legal in your protection. If you allow someone into your protection you may not kill them by using traps or through PVP.
Do not be a jerk
For now, do not be a jerk refers to: do not excessively camp, or excessively stalk, or use racial slurs. We realize this rule seems ambiguous, but until we have a way to better deal with these situations, this rule is necessary.

“Someone else was using my account” is not an excuse. We do not outright disapprove of account sharing, but if you do – it will not save you from rule breaking that occurred on your account.

Everything not specifically mentioned here should be allowed. In case that new situations that we disagree with arise, the rules will be updated to reflect our opinion.

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73 Responses to Rules

  1. Rakung says:

    Sounds Fair


  2. Wreckem says:

    Oh, so we can’t place any traps now?
    No more buttons that say “Do not push”, “Do not Enter”, “Surprises awaits” that set off TNT and arrowy goodness. No more blocks of gold that if someone was to steal it from the garden you made around it, set off destruction for the would be thief. Humorous, funny, inventive, witty, and cunning as they are, they will be missed.

    Why would we take those away though…? Never has it been a problem till… recent? Now that people cannot spam: /home /spawn /warp savemyass – to get out of traps, they are illegal now? What happened to “Lets get darwinian up in here”. Survival of the fittest and what not.

    On a brighter note-
    What I am happy about, is now people who say ” I dont use x-ray hacks” and scoot around the rule because they use see through texture packs or wire packs, are now out of luck.

    • Valkyrio says:

      Traps in the wilderness aren’t allowed. Traps on your area still are.

      • Wreckem says:

        Missed the point, completely

        • Valkyrio says:

          “No more buttons that say “Do not push”, “Do not Enter”, “Surprises awaits” that set off TNT and arrowy goodness. No more blocks of gold that if someone was to steal it from the garden you made around it, set off destruction for the would be thief. ”

          All of these are still legal. Just not in the middle of nowhere.

    • Valkyrio says:

      You’ve made three points that I can see:

      We can’t place traps now (you can)

      Why would we take away traps? (A moot point, since you can still build traps.)

      And your brighter note (which is not what I was responding to)

      Exactly what am I missing? Some hidden point you were thinking of but forgot to write?

      • Wreckem says:

        It (the trap) has to be on the owner of the traps property though?

        I don’t want to have to sit there and handle the trap. The trap I am talking about is more of an IED. Fire and Forget. That sort.

        That is the point that I was intending to get acrossed. Sorry for the confusion. I should have went into more detail.

        • Valkyrio says:

          Yeah, people will have to take their ingenious drive and apply it to the traps near their home rather than landmine ones in the middle of nowhere.

          • Gamrin says:

            I kind of wonder why…
            I mean, someone with common sense won’t go in on such a trap, and if you do, you yourself is to blame.

            *personal opinion*
            I think it’d be awesome to have – for example – a pyramid in the middle of nowhere, with a series of traps, and a treasure in the core of it. For those who can pass all of the traps.

            I agree that placing random TNT landmines is not really nice, but it’s rather lame to restrict trap ingenuity to a certain perimiter of your plot.

            which brings a question: If you place a trap in the middle of nowhere, and protect it, is it considered legit? Cause it ís on your property.

  3. Queue967 says:

    The new world has been quite exciting with the simplified set of rules and a renewed emphasis on player interaction, problem solving, freedom, and responsibility. It’s unfortunate to see this new paradigm — this experience — erode away. While the changes associated with the new MC2 have had some undesirable consequences, these are better addressed through technology than rules.

    It’s also unfortunate that vagueness has been explicitly codified as part of the MC2 rules. Most players don’t want to break the rules. It’s in all of our best interest that there exist a written canonical set of black and white rules. One key takeaway lesson from the previous MC2 incarnation is that multiple sets of vague rules accompanied by “case law” as determined through administrative decision over time is overwhelming. It creates an environment where right and wrong are simply determined at the whim of whoever has the ban hammer and a server which is PVP in name only. In such an environment, where even administrators disagree on what is proper behavior and what isn’t, it is unreasonable to expect players to know the rules. Players simply have no way to reasonably determine in advance how a particular action will be viewed when it is contested and undergoes administrative scrutiny.

    MC2 should adjust course toward an environment where interaction, problem solving, freedom and responsibility are encouraged and where a single short set of black and white rules are easily available to all.

    • Wreckem says:

      Do you know how much I want to steal this and paste it to my thoughts above?

      Although, if I did that, it would be overlooked instantly and given a small non thought through answer. This indirect stab is meaningful in the hope that it will illicit some sort of response beyond that of 1-2 sentences, not including a quote, but restricted to constructiveness, and explanations. But I will not receive such a thing. Because what I am doing is basically incuring the wrath of those that as which holds the metaphorical position of “God” upon this server. Silencing people has become habbit for some of late.

      “It’s unfortunate to see this new paradigm — this experience — erode away.”
      Damn good work queue. Damn good.

    • pp19dd says:

      It’s also unfortunate that vagueness has been explicitly codified as part of the MC2 rules

      Reflection of life. There is no ultra-logical lawful system governing it either.

    • pp19dd says:

      I’m replying piecemeal, because I don’t deny sound logic, so I thank you for the feedback. One thing that you guys don’t really see is the top-down view that we do. In that, we see two particular problems with players:

      (1) HUGELY disproportionate maturity and knowledge levels – about everything, from computers, to life, to playing video games, to having never used a forum or email in their lives.

      (2) Bullying by knowledgeable players who specifically gain pleasure from making others’ lives miserable.

      Most of our rules have always been interpretations of “Don’t be a jerk.” Well, guess what: we have 42 metric tons of jerk playing this server every day, and they all claim that whatever asinine thing they’re doing isn’t being a jerk.

      Attempts to balance these gaps out is what you’re seeing in rules.

      • me2005 says:

        I would say that, because of the disproportionate knowledge/skill of players, you/we should implement a very black & white rule system.

        If I were to rewrite your rules as black & white:

        1: Do not flood others’ protected homes/land with liquids
        2: Do not build noise machines near others’ protections
        3: Do not spam chat or harass players through chat
        4: Do not follow players around in their protections or get in their way unless they have asked you to do so
        5: Do not build traps outside of your protections
        6: Do not spawn/protection camp
        7: Do not stalk new players
        8: Do not destroy unprotected homes
        9: Do not bypass protections by going over/under/through protected areas without permission from the owner
        10: Do not use TNT cannons or creeper luring to destroy protected areas or areas enclosed by a protection
        11: Do not use the parkour hack or the ‘parkour’ glitch to get over protected walls/into protected areas
        12: Do not use buckets to enter protected areas by swimming/falling gently
        13: Basically, do not enter protected areas without permission
        14: Do not abuse protections by protecting portions of others’ protected areas, or by placing your protection to interfere with others’ actions
        15: Do not place protections near others’ protections without their permission. “Near” shall be within 50 blocks.
        16: Do not trap players within your protection, unless it is as part of a legal trap (i.e.: the player was online, walked into your base, and fell into a pit wherein they died and you collected their stuff). Trapping players by protecting around them when offline or otherwise preventing them from leaving your protection is prohibited.
        17: Do not use hacks – hacks include modifications to the client not released by Mojang and scripts/applets used to some benefit in MC. The use of hacks will result in a permanent ban.
        18: Do not use texture packs that take advantage of a glitch allowing you to see through the terrain. Taking advantage of this glitch may result in a permanent ban.

        I would prefer rules that read like so:

        1) Do not use hacks – hacks being modified clients, scripts, apps, or any external or internal modification to the game or game client that gives you any kind of advantage not granted by the client. Basically, just use the client as distributed by Mojang. – Permaban
        2) Do not take advantage of a texturepack glitch that allows you to see through blocks using. – Ban
        3) Do not harass players in their protections by following them around or otherwise annoying them – if they ask you to leave do so – Ban
        4) Allow new players to get established before hunting/killing/stalking them. The meaning of “get established” isn’t important – if you are hunting/stalking/killing a player coming out of spawn you’re doing it wrong. No spawn/protection camping, though wilderness ambushes are fine. – Ban
        5) Do not place protections in/near other players’ protections without permission. Near shall be ~50 blocks. – Loss of protection privileges
        6) Do not permanently trap players in your protection by protecting around them or using beds to trap them – Loss of protection privileges
        7) Do not spam chat or harass players through chat – mute

        Instructions on how to properly protect your stuff from lava, TNT/creepers, glitch-parkouring (you can usually only glitch up 3-4 blocks), water, and basic entry would be included in the rules. Also, a disclaimer saying that any action can result in a ban at the discretion of the admins.

        • Psycho Romeo says:

          “13: Basically, do not enter protected areas without permission”

          “you/we should implement a very black & white rule system.”


          • me2005 says:

            That’s black & white; you can’t enter someone’s place without permission. If you’re there without it, you get killed/banned/muted/whatever. :D

          • Valkyrio says:

            Well problem with that is…we do want people to be able to steal.

            And you kinda have to trespass to steal, don’t you.

          • me2005 says:

            You’re reading my re-interpretation of what your rules say now. I’d prefer that the version you’ve got say less about players’ protections, as seen in my second iteration lower down on that monster post.

            For an example, your current list says to avoid destroying unprotected stuff and to not bypass protections; both of those are necessary to steal.

          • Valkyrio says:

            There’s a difference between breaking a 2×1 hole into an unprotected wall and breaking the entire wall down. One is for access – the other is for griefing. As for bypassing protections, if it’s protected it means you can’t steal anyways. They’re not conflicting ideas.

    • Valkyrio says:

      Things can’t be black and white – it’s not realistic.

      As for ‘It creates an environment where right and wrong are simply determined at the whim of whoever has the ban hammer and a server which is PVP in name only. ‘

      If an admin lets themselves be biased in their interpretation of the rules, or just plain mess up at it, I would expect them to be dealt with. Unless it was PP, of course.

      • pp19dd says:

        Ditto. There is such thing as moderate subjectivity- as they say, “reasonable people can disagree.” But to qualify as reasonable person in-game, you need some massive street cred. You can’t have all rules benefit only you and suit only your preferences.

        Romeo put it a good way- there is a mix of personalities in adminland and hopefully those balance each other out. I’m quite frankly impressed how much attention both him, Valk and others have put into interpreting vague guidelines and reconciling them with reality.

        • me2005 says:

          I’ll state it differently and without a monster list; but I disagree with the idea that the rules should be subjective (gray and interpreted) rather than objective (black & white).

          If there are subjective rules, you get a lot of whiners complaining about being banned because they didn’t interpret the rules the same way you did when you banned them (i.e.: Don’t be a jerk – well, killing could be seen as being a jerk, but is also supposed to be allowed).

          If there are objective rules (with subjective enforcement), players will know for sure whether something is allowed or not (i.e.: Don’t use hacks of any kind, you will be banned; Don’t kill players using TNT, you will be banned).

          Also having less, but more general, objective rules would make for fewer whiners (my list has 7; and dumping water/lava or using TNT to get through protections aren’t on there- you’re exploiting the protect system if you’ve got a 1-2 thick protection wall around a larger unprotected area anyway, you should know the risk) and fewer enforcement actions or rule clarifications.

          You, as the owners & admins, of course always retain the option to ban anyone for any reason, so there’s your “don’t be a jerk” – it’s implied and shouldn’t be stated (or people will come asking what it means).

      • pp19dd says:

        Also, one of my faults is that I’m insensitive when I say things – it comes off as if I’m pulling ranks and throwing my weight around. Though I’m not the most approachable person in the world, that’s not the case. There is some balance, corrective feedback and power sharing that’s gone into all of this.

        In other words, blame Valk for everything =)

      • s3v3red says:

        “There’s a difference between breaking a 2×1 hole into an unprotected wall and breaking the entire wall down. One is for access – the other is for griefing.”

        I would have to disagree with the black and white rules just because interpretations of this. What if what we want to steal is wood, stone, bricks, etc and that’s what the unprotected home is made of? Stealing itself is griefing by definition. Why the difference in tearing down (essentially stealing) a home? Both cause the same amount of anger and frustration throughout the community but that’s the idea isn’t it? I think the rules should be more relaxed. I can appreciate the stalking and traps rule though, we don’t want people hovering over the spawn waiting for people to die or hovering over their homes. We also don’t want the spawn surrounded by TNT.

        People need to learn to create a protection and then build. That is, PROTECT FIRST BUILD SECOND. Then the rule of bypassing that should protect the rest. I also think that if people are creative enough to find a way to attack others while in their protection, good for them. I am referring to arrow cannons and such. Creeper luring and ghast luring is cheap. Arrow cannons shouldn’t be a big deal, all people have to do is hide in their homes.

  4. sigi714 says:

    Great work, Valk.
    I first thought “the more rules the more interpretations”, but these annotation of the existing rules will give the ability to stop some annoying behaviour.

    • Valkyrio says:

      It wasn’t just me – I got input from a bunch of people and worked it into the context of the current rules, as well as holding discussions with PP about what we want to see on the server. Sadly, I think there was a pretty big difference between what most players thought the server was turning into and the environment that the server was actually meant to be. At least this should clarify it a bit.

  5. Psycho Romeo says:

    Wreckem’s behavior appalls me. So, whenever he does something wrong, I weigh how big of a dick he’s been into his punishment. It also determines how many damns I give about anything he has to say.

    This is more or less how the jerk rule functions. If you are a notjerk as proved by admin and fellow player observation, you will get less severe punishments. If you are a complete jerk, you will be judged more harshly. So, jerks will slowly be pushed out of the server. If you want to play, and still be a jerk and do jerky stuff, you better be smart enough not to get yourself banned.

    It is subjective. But I guess that’s part of the reason there’s a spectrum of personalities on the admin board.

    • Wreckem says:

      Well I guess its a damn good thing that I keep the chatter in game to a minimum and will never be on the x-ray, hacker list. You can’t push me out just because you don’t like me, or because I am a dick.

      I don’t play the cutesie lets suck up to the administration/higher powers. Emoticons and memes are for the birds. And certainly, I am never going to grovel for favor form the community.

      The way you see me, is the way I like it. I don’t break the rules, I don’t hate the rules. I love seeing people get punished for doing dumb things, and I laugh at thier stupidity. I call the weak minded people out for the great fun of critiquing a half-witted conversation. I brand people who have previous hacking records forever and treat them like dirt.

      It’s who I am, it’s what I do. Sorry if you don’t like it.

      • Valkyrio says:

        I don’t think any player that sucks up to anyone has ever been actually rewarded or given more consideration than anyone else. As a matter of fact I’m fairly sure we end up making fun of sycophants. And the people who have gained the admin team’s trust (sluck, sigi, etc) are the ones who really don’t actually care that we’re admins, and only care about the server. I doubt it’s your lack of ass-kissing that is making you disliked by Romeo.

        I do have a problem with this line though: “Because what I am doing is basically incuring the wrath of those that as which holds the metaphorical position of “God” upon this server.”

        You’re not incurring anyone’s “wrath” (nor do any of the admins see themselves as godly, unless you ask Uber.) We gave people leeway during the first couple of weeks the server was up, and many people chose to break the jerk rule, including you, so it’s no surprise if you don’t get the same attention others might. And to be fair, if you were less immature and a little more respectful of others your posts might’ve gotten the same consideration as Queue, et al.

        • Wreckem says:

          So, I just had a damned good text wall of things to counter your logic beat down, but I opened a window in this one, and deleted it. I’ll try to recolect what I can in a very short version to get straight to my point.

          If players who are known x-ray users can walk about and be part of the good ol’ boy crowd, while I hopscotch the line of being a jerk, then I guess things are doing just grand.

          Carry on

          • Valkyrio says:

            >If players who are known x-ray users can walk about and be part of the good ol’ boy crowd

            Except no. That was the main point in my post – anyone who’s broken the rules doesn’t get much consideration, and that includes x-ray hackers and fly hackers.

  6. hiimjoeri says:

    So, what if people go into your house and go into your beds themself.. you just remove it ofc. but are you allowed to finish him off?

  7. Phoneuser says:

    We had a little problem today with someone throwing poison potions in the protected area at spawn and we couldn’t decide if this was legal or not. Care for some clarification on this?

    • Salya_sin says:

      When did we get poison potions? Gosh I’m out of sync. :/ I’m also extremely grateful for the two that led me astray… by astray I mean THE HELL AWAY FROM SPAWN! I just hope I’m far enough out that I don’t have to worry about most of the rules being an issue for me. I trust the two I am near to play nice, thanks for the clarification though. Basic ground rules are important with such a mix of players. :D

    • Valkyrio says:

      Illegal, I’d consider that abusing protections.

    • sigi714 says:

      Illegal, but of course hard to see depending on the protection. Its a bukkit issue and reported as a bug – as well as fire arrows hitting players when pvp off :)

  8. Bigpaul518 says:

    I think this is pointless with the new server and people moving far away from spawn. U guys might as well play singleplayer and skype.

  9. RainyEyes says:

    You guys have left out a crucial part from the rules: No account sharing.

    Have MC^2 not liable for any accounts lost, stolen, or whatever due to the user’s discretion to share accounts. Support will not be provided for those who have lost items through account sharing, and also have in one of the sections “DO NOT GIVE YOU PASSWORD TO ANYONE” out in bold, italics, and underlined.

    Thanks ><

  10. Wallace says:

    What about advertising other servers? Nazi symbols? vulgar skins? And, as rainy mentioned, account sharing?

    • pp19dd says:

      Nazi symbols = NOT acceptable. Not appropriate anywhere.
      Vulgar skins = NOT acceptable. Not appropriate anywhere.
      Advertising other servers = NOT acceptable- it’s downright spamming.

      Account sharing has been an issue only when one of the persons acts up on using the account. I for one have never shown any mercy for account sharers. Recently, some kid hopped online and started spewing profanities. Logs showed that the person’s IP address was overwhelmingly attributed to another account. End result: banned both of them.

      • RainyEyes says:

        I mention account sharing because the other day, one of MC^2′s frequent players needed assistance getting out of a house they were trapped in. I asked for a password, and to my surprise, it was given. I just want to make the admins remind players to never give out their passwords to ANYONE, and that administration will also never ask for passwords. Just one of those classic anti-admin impersonation things where people say “i’m an admin, i’m going to ban you unless etc etc etc”. Especially since the coloured font in the TAB window has been changed.

        Thanks for the reply!

      • Wallace says:

        I guess that wasn’t too clear, I was more insinuating that they should probably be added to the list, seeing as how these are commonly… disputed.

        I’ve been taken up on a few of the rules, since they weren’t officially set in stone. Could these be added?

        Oh, and the “only English” rule would be nice. I don’t know what the current opinion on that is, but I’d like to see people not spam in Dutch or Polish or whatever. Thoughts?

        • hiimjoeri says:

          They make me feel embarrased for my blood, stupid 12 year olds. I ask for instaban on people continuesly speaking dutch. :D

        • RainyEyes says:

          In the top left hand corner of the website’s banner or w/e, change it so that it reads “Minecraft Square is an ENGLISH server …”. Of course, discrimination against users of other languages is permitted due to this server NOT being run by the government where the constitution(s) do not apply.

        • sigi714 says:

          @Wally: I wrote to Valk about this. In the meantime I changed Spiffys Welcome Guide on the Wiki (he can’t sue me now, SOPA is shelved^^):

          • Wallace says:

            Yeah, but theres plenty of people who don’t even know we have a website. We need to make it more clear to them when they first log into the server. Which is a shame, considering how much work some people put into bettering our forums. Thumbs up to those guys

      • Fire_Ball44 says:

        you’d think people would have the common sence to not include Nazi Symbols in a civilized game like this. Maybe the do have common sence, but they just choose not to use it.

  11. Fire_Ball44 says:

    My sister tells me someone trapped her in a protected area with a bed, and now she is randomly pointing fingers. I think she was being stupid and was looking for a place to cozy up for the night. I tell her this, but I suppose she is clouded in her own judgement. Hmm. Her loss.

    • Queue967 says:

      Fire, I think I know of who you are speaking. As far as we could tell, nobody intentionally trapped her. The situation appeared to be that she intentionally slept in a bed belonging to another player. Quite a few of us spent (literally — honestly) countless hours trying to help her out. I realize she may be young and not particularly capable at troubleshooting situations such as this but her behavior made helping her out even more difficult. In all honesty, if a mod had been available during her outbursts, I would have expected her to be muted or banned. Even as other players tried to help her, she would repeatedly return to an uncooperative “outburst” mode.

      To complicate the situation, despite the fact that MC2 has many players who struggle with issues such as this, even “admins” don’t seem to have the appropriate level of access to provide any assistance. The player also was unable to log on to the forums to post a support request. Ultimately, another MC2 player logged in to your sister’s account and was able to glitch her out of the protected area.

  12. gesasage88 says:

    Can we make a rule that people aren’t allowed to protect and build protected walls around portals inside of the nether, because lots of portals built outside of the nether end up going to the same portal inside the nether. I can’t access the nether from any of my world portals because my neighbor made a wall and doors I can’t get through at the nether portal we share. =(

    • Queue967 says:

      Gesa, The portal issue is a bit of a pain but by carefully locating portals in both the Overworld and the Nether, you can create a pair which appears to hard link. One you create them, then you can leave them unblocked for others to use. Once such a pair is created, you won’t have to worry about other portals interfering with yours. Google around and you’ll find info on how portals link. A brief summary of how to set up a “hard linked” pair is: 1. In the Overworld, construct a portal where X and Z are a multiple of 8. Y does not matter. 2. Go to the nether using an existing portal and construct a portal at Overworld X/8 and Overworld Z/8. Locate the nether portal so that Y is the same as the Overworld portal. Following these simple rules will create a portal pair which appears hard linked — this will not change even if others create portals in close proximity to your own. You can even build multiple portals very close together, and provided these rules are followed, they will not interfere with eachother. The most difficult part of this process is planning — finding a location in the Overworld with a place in the Nether where it’s actually convenient to build a portal and vise versa. Definitely build something like a placeholder portal out of wool in both locations (and double check your work) before messing with obsidian.

      In the process of building your portals, if you have trouble even getting into the Nether, build a portal in a location in the Overworld far from any existing portals. Alternatively, use one of the public portals which people have been kind enough to leave open.

  13. Mehbah says:

    I think I’ll quote Wreckem: You can’t push me out just because you don’t like me, or because I am a dick.

    Funny how the server now lets dicks roam free. Not to mention that this directly contradicts the rule about not being a jerk; a guy admits that he’s a dick and that a large amount of players apparently hate him because he’s a dick, yet he’s allowed to play.

    Want another contradiction? Theft is allowed, even though you’d need damn good reasons to steal without being a jerk.

    You once said that these changes were to make the server more realistic. But in real life, theft and using violence to solve conflicts happen to be illegal. You’re making it far less realistic because people can act like shits all they want, with the “government” knowing, without any repercussions.

    The server is still terrible now and there’s nothing that distinguishes it from all the anarchy servers except for a rule system that contradicts itself. It is now for people who, when encountering a conflict, seek to resolve it through violence rather than seek justice.

    This is my first visit in a long time and I suspect I haven’t been missed. It’s such a shame, I actually liked what we used to have.

    • Valkyrio says:

      See, just like real life, occasionally jerks can get away with their jerk behavior and be untouched by the law.

      It’s the same case here. Perhaps you didn’t understand what the entire discussion was a couple of posts above, but people who are jerks can no longer get away with it. At least not on the same scale as when the server had just come up. That’s the main reason why the rules have been expanded.

      As for stealing and resolving things through violence: theft is something that can be avoided, completely. The only reason you would get your things stolen from you is if you weren’t smart enough to double check your protections, or if you were stupid enough to not protect in the first place. Think of it as an incentive for new players to learn how to protect.

      As for violence, this was always a PVP server. Don’t know what you’re complaining about. (Camping/stalking, etc, while legally grey are still punishable under the jerk rule.)

    • Queue967 says:

      “there’s nothing that distinguishes it from all the anarchy servers except for a rule system that contradicts itself.”

      Mehbah, I think you bring up an excellent point. I too do not understand why it has been decided that implementing a complicated contradictory rule system written in various shades of gray is preferred over other alternatives. Several admins have suggested that it simply isn’t possible to implement a set of black and white rules and that the “shades of gray” system is merely a reflection of real life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. MC2 is in fact an outlier. The reality is that while real life is full of shades of gray, games are not. Games, almost universally, are based on a concrete and unambiguous set of rules — note shades of gray and contradiction.

      As video games go, Minecraft is one of the most configurable and flexible platforms I’m aware of. If one doesn’t like the standard game mechanics (THE RULES) they can be changed via server configuration or mod plugins. Considering the vast array of tools at our disposal, relying on written rules — that is a set of behavioral expectations — should be the absolute last resort. Game mechanics are much more black and white than a set of contradictory gray area rules can ever hope to be.

      I’ve chosen not to comment much on the specific rules which began this post. I know the admins received input from a number of players and we are well beyond the consensus building phase in terms of establishing what the rules actually should be. They are what they are.

      On the other hand, I sincerely do not understand why a complex set of behavioral expectations was chosen as a means of implementing these rules when we have such a flexible platform in which it is actually possible to extensively customize the actual game mechanics. We just aren’t using the right tool for the job.

      • RainyEyes says:

        Obviously Mehbah has never played a PVP RO server.

        I think it’s quite nice to have a PVP server where people can take matters into their own hands where appropriate. It makes Minecraft a much more mature game to play, rather than the “he killed me i want him banned and my stuff back” mentality that some 13 year olds carry.

        Anarchy is just another word for organized chaos.

        • hiimjoeri says:

          Mehbah, difference between a jerk and a dick is that a dick does it to everyone, jerks often focus on a single target or a small group of people.

    • sigi714 says:

      Mehbah, the server and the people playing here are still the same. The community is the same. Hackers get banned, new players come and leave. The server has less fighting than before, no one cries about breaking pvp rules in any of those stupid arenas we got rid of by reset, no one TNTs his town because someone else is building too close to it. Everything is fine. Please stop being a nitpicker. You are judging about people by just reading their rules. If I did the same in reallife I would say all americans are stupid because they have those laws about product liability and indemnity.

      • RainyEyes says:

        Well… I always thought half the world believed America was stupid lol.

        I am guilty of that belief…

        Mehbah does have a point though. The laws which govern a nation does reflect upon its morals. E.g. Saudi Arabia where women are treated as objects.
        One would see that this is savage and uncivil, and Mehbah has a point. If one plays on this server, it’s implied they agree with the rules and therefore reflects their belief of the rules being fair.

        Every server has their problems. It’s not typical for people to be banned or to be griefed, it’s just a matter of how it is dealt with, if dealt with at all.

  14. ian says:

    today i saw a person named zombie_cheese he swore so much that some people left the server forever i think that people that say stuff like this are really big jerks thus breaking the rule dont be a jurk please ban zombie_cheese ;)

  15. josh13 says:

    So, if you can’t place randomly TNT under pressure plates, you say it is legal to just protect the stupit trap and get away with it.
    I mean, you make the trap, kill a person, remove the protection.
    that’s not justice, that’s just using the rules against the server.
    and why can’t we use enderpearls or lag to pass a protected wall?
    is curiosity forbidden nowdays?

    • Valkyrio says:

      You can make traps in your home, but you can’t protect an area in the middle of nowhere, place a trap, and then call that your home. That would be against the rules – and abusing protections.

      Curiosity isn’t forbidden, but not everyone protects all of the inside of their area – so this is to avoid griefing within a protected area.

  16. alexkirtley says:

    All of this is ambiguous. The mods themselves aren’t even fair or impartial and abuse their authority, if I was jailed and muted for voicing an opinion, then why weren’t the two players who’ve been griefing my things left right and centre jailed. Admittedly I left areas unprotected because I wanted to let my friends use them and couldn’t add them to protected areas for some reason, so two players who had previously done nothing above the ground came up when we were offline and destroyed these unprotected areas, and took all the materials from them. When found out they apologised but said the griefing was my problem and I was jailed… I really can’t see how this was fair.

  17. AcpSoldier7 says:

    Good rules. But I’m a bit disappointed about there being no TNT cannons.