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One year, one month, one day: happy pseudo-birthday!

One year and then some Though the server has been around for a lot longer than that, lets celebrate the new year together as some kind of a weird “1.”Β  Anyhow, we’ve been up for 500 days, give or take. … Continue reading

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Easier way to protect your homes

First of all, we added a /help command. It has a subset: /help protect command that gives you a quick rundown on how to protect your home from griefers and PVP-ers. Then we added a /rules command. Be sure to … Continue reading

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XRaying is still against the rules

We banned two players today for using xray exploit: TheStrangerJr andΒ MartinHodne. Please don’t cheat. It ruins the game for everyone, and guess what – we can figure it out.

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Addressing no one in particular, but, a common sentiment I’ve been seeing: there are players who feel that in this change we lost something- which was a friendly atmosphere with the rule changes and whatnot. I disagree. Let me put … Continue reading

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