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Has it been laggy? Take a poll Update: I’m upgrading the server, one bit of software at a time. Report any broken component issues (webpage, otherwise) if you see anything broken, pretty please. Update #2: Contest! Guess the size (in bytes) of our WorldGuard configuration file … Continue reading

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As a reward to our regular players, we now have a creative build server. But there is a catch: it’s whitelisted.Β  You must qualify as a trusted player – and – you must be a regular player in order to … Continue reading

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Moderator review

Most of the trial moderators did quite well – thanks for all your hard work. Make sure to stay on top of setting flags, please. And, less kicking. It doesn’t create the best environment on the server. Anyhow, trial moderators … Continue reading

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New feature: kill search

Voila. See (Added to menu under kill ratios). When reporting rule violations, you can link to this form since it shows coordinates. Les Boulis And, completely unrelated to any of this, I found these weird structures in the desert: … Continue reading

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