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Back from conference

Completely unrelated to that, here are ten player profiles with most pageviews on their “friend list” tab, in order of popularity: Player Pageviews Unique Persons mister_sophie 141 42 wreckem 105 36 uberectomy 54 30 rakung 53 19 beasel20 52 28 … Continue reading

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Server Crash

For some reason the server crashed at around 7:30 EST. It could be that the server is frozen – and that’s why you see that fake player list at the top of the page. No one is able to connect … Continue reading

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For better or worse, we’re live

We moved spawn to 300k,*,300k. It’s a sloppy paste of the old spawn, but it’ll do for now. Old terrain is BUGGY. Do not explore outside of known areas – you’ll just run into vast oceans. New rule/guidelines: Don’t ask … Continue reading

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PLEAS HALP [test our server...]

Connect to and help us test the world, our plugins, protections, and anything else. This is a development build so there are no guarantees that anything is working correctly.Β  The test server is a snapshot that will be deleted … Continue reading

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