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1.7 is coming … now. Avoid downtime!

Backup your JAR files if you intend to play on the server – until we can update it. See this topic, written up by sigi714. Update: we have some sort of a dev snapshot running on – you … Continue reading

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There’s a new sheriff in town

Many of you know him and know how hard he’s worked on improving this community. He’s gone through trials and tribulations, survived his trial moderator period and yet continued to excel without a break – topping the performance charts over … Continue reading

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Happening now: minecraft rodeo event

Bet on brave riders as they saddle their wild pigs and ride them to oblivion. Seriously, first person to die loses. Survivor wins. Go team blue! Also, sometimes it takes like four minutes to die. If the pigs seem to … Continue reading

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Using XRay will get you banned.

These four chaps found that out: <- XRay ringleader <- accomplice <- accomplice <- accomplice

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