Howto: fix minecraft black screen of death

Though I have a pretty good gaming machine, my minecraft client would unpredictably (yet frequently) lock up and I’d get a black screen of death. Having researched this, I found a solution that worked for me.

Answer was #2 here-

Ithiane: Making a shortcut to run the linux minecraft.jar (Yes, on windows) using the shortcut:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe” -Xmx512M -Xms512M -cp “C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\Minecraft.jar” net.minecraft.LauncherFrame
Fixed it for me

That’s basically what I did. Hop onto, download the linux client (jar file), and run it with a batch file. My batch file looks like this:

java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -cp "C:\Documents and Settings\Dino\Desktop\minecraft\Minecraft.jar" net.minecraft.LauncherFrame

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2 Responses to Howto: fix minecraft black screen of death

  1. MilkMan159 says:

    If you’re using mods on single player you also get this dreaded blackness, make sure to delete your META-INF File in
    Only do this if you’re installing mods like pistons or whatever to ssp.

  2. RainyEyes says:

    Could you explain what you did please? I’m not techy, and linux is a mystery to me since i use windows.