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Nah, just kidding. But yes, the minecraft 1.4 update is out (I know, you can stop sending me emails, messages, private messages, smoke signals) so players can’t connect. Just with every other update since minecraft multiplayer mods came out, we … Continue reading

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Now happening: elimination tournament

Brave souls pit their skills against foes and chance. For prizes! Fighting: BillyBobJoe2 CrazyIAS DefjamKong dereluc11 DevilsDragon911 ExplosiveMonkey Goategg94 HeatChill hiimjoeri JJfresh213 jonlee07 juul2605 king93 kona9 MikeBrin Perskie1

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Happy birthday, bulbasaurus

Slightly delayed, but everyone, wish the b-saurus the very best. Update: p-man is on a short vac-ay this weekend. Good luck with the server not crashing or whatever. Update #2: Contest! Win some pickaxes- And the answer was 3.9. … Continue reading

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Change your passwords – your account could be hacked.

See this post. If you play on other servers or use hacked clients, bad people have probably stolen your password that way. Check whether your password was leaked to the world via this webpage:

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