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Server is up

Report any bugs please. This took awhile because 1.3 was out of sync with bukkit and various plugins took awhile to catch up. Warps have shifted a bit (by a few spaces). Test them out. Lag is caused by a … Continue reading

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Beta 1.3 is out. And server down for a bit because of it.

Quick lunchtime update: yeah, main server is down. Sorry. Can’t be helped. Despite being released, bukkit is still broken [some bugs over block placement, destruction].Β  Bukkit’s site was also down (came back up bit ago), and thus that’s delaying necessary … Continue reading

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Authentication is down, so players can’t connect.

A funny tweet by Mojang. “Funny” is a funny word to use for this, cuz you know, hoping for things fixes everything. “I’m going to regret saying this. But I’m hoping the site is up within 10 minutes. Don’t hold … Continue reading

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Server events! Zombie town defense!

Happening now: 22 brave mc^2 residents take on a horde of zombies!Β  Survivors will win TNT as prizes.

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