minecraftsquare.com is a Minecraft survival PVP server community, home to ~600 regular players.

Our goals are simple: to provide a fair, free, lag-free server to everyone.

Make friends, start towns, use our vent server for voice chat.

Our #1 rule: don't be a jerk!
This is NOT a whitelist server. Anyone can build (outside of protected areas).

That doesn't mean we allow chaos.

Players have rights, and you must respect those rights.
Get started: create a forum account.

To get your home protected, use the /easyprotect command

Be sure to read the server rules.
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Running on the live machine:

Software Version md5 Download Link
Craftbukkit 1.3.2-R1.0 44ac426e15226b1f73455b0f8008cc8e Recommended Builds
CommandHelper v807-16756ab 94f9297c29ce398d7852a5b5bbb5a7d2 sk89q.com
Essentials v2.9.2 dc66c9855db0a0e11a164f3a0b02222e dev.bukkit.org
EssentialsSpawn v2.9.2 239383de260fd483f52c8b5f97311e18 dev.bukkit.org
PermissionsBukkit-1.6 v1.6 2df0bf5aacbe175242cd0b7b91cbed99 dev.bukkit.org
WorldEdit.jar v1186-dc17c8d 2b717c18c6d89b627a176ed7bfc9e3a8 sk89q.com
WorldGuard.jar v5.5.3 fb46c4af2e452abcfe358419d2fd79cb sk89q.com
PlayerCount.jar 1.4 771568cdaaff46b171df7453a4c82ece Forum
ppmod 1.0 1f50de54da66482697f6dfe600689bc8